Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Randi Glazer: Tips For Effective Team Communication

Randi Glazer needs to work in teams frequently in her work in the insurance business. She helps businesses develop effective programs and policies to streamline internal processes and increase productivity. This often requires working with members of the client organization as well as colleagues from her company.

With such diverse groups, it can be difficult for some to see eye to eye and effectively communicate. Randi Glazer follows some tips to make sure every member’s voice is heard and every person has a fair vote.

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No bragging allowed

In order for all members to feel comfortable sharing ideas or suggestions, no member should brag if their idea was used over someone else’s. This prevents members from getting a big head if their idea is chosen and from other members from bring offended. In the same regard, members are not allowed to put down others ideas and should instead offer constructive criticism with actionable suggestions on how the idea can be tweaked to work.

Practice active listening

When a member of the group is presenting a new idea or commenting on one, the entire group must actively listen, adding questions or comments after the person has finished speaking. This helps prevent members from repeating ideas or comments and keeps everyone respectful to others.

Don’t blame others

Make sure members do not blame each other for missed deadlines or late projects. It is important for team members not to become the fall person, especially in from of a superior. If there is a continual issue with one group member, take it to the group leader and decide on appropriate action together.

Randi Glazer enjoys leading teams and working towards achieving common goals.


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