Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dr. Sid Solomon Discusses Steps for Becoming a Sommelier

For anyone who has ever acted on the advice of a Master Sommelier, it should be plainly evident that the amount of knowledge possessed by these wine experts is simply beyond description. With the guidance these wine aficionados are able to provide, wine enthusiasts are able to not only select a wine that pairs exceptionally well with a particular meal, but they are also able to develop a much deeper understanding of the many factors influencing the unique experience associated with a particular bottle. As Dr. Sid Solomon has pointed out, a depth of knowledge such as that possessed by a Master Sommelier requires a total devotion to education that can last for many years.

According to Dr. Solomon, there are only a total of 230 Master Sommeliers in the world, making it among the most exclusive and demanding professions. This is because the obstacles associated with earning the title of Master Sommelier are incredibly difficult to overcome, particularly the four examinations that must be successfully completed before earning the rare title associated with the most knowledgeable of wine experts worldwide. Each exam is more difficult than the one preceding it, with very few able to successfully pass all four. The first exam is the Introductory Sommelier Course & Exam, which is followed by the Certified Sommelier Exam, the Advanced Sommelier Exam and, finally, the Master Sommelier Diploma Exam.

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Friday, March 18, 2016

John Pryor Strength Training Advice: Are There Any Risks or Rewards Associated With Wine Consumption?

One of the most compelling questions regarding strength training and nutrition involves not only what should be included to generate the greatest possible fitness gains, but also what should be excluded to avoid the possibility of negating the benefits of fitness training. For John Pryor, strength training principles and nutritional guidelines are just not simple enough that they can be defined as either “good” or “bad.”

Instead, John Pryor, rugby strength and conditioning coordinator for the Japan Rugby Football Union, advocates for an approach that is individualized according to the specific needs of the athlete and is therefore able to yield the best possible result. When it comes to developing a nutrition plan to include alongside a fitness program, there is indeed some room to include a modest amount of wine consumption.

Though it may come as something of a surprise to athletes who have been told to completely eliminate all forms of alcohol while training for an athletic competition, the fact of the matter is that many of the most respected coaches in the history of sport have known that a modest amount of alcohol may actually be quite beneficial. Arthur Lydiard, for example, often advised his athletes to drink a glass of dark beer with dinner, believing this practice could help reduce muscle inflammation for a speedier recovery.

When it comes to wine in particular, red wine has long been known to be dense with the kind of antioxidants critical to any athlete in training. There have also been some recent studies indicating that a daily glass of red wine can actually increase natural testosterone production, but moderation is necessary to reap the rewards. Just as a single glass of wine can be surprisingly beneficial for an athlete, it is also true that too much of a good thing yields the opposite outcome.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Randi Glazer: Ways to Earn Your MBA

Randi Glazer is a well-respected and dedicated insurance professional who worked hard to earn her Master of Business Administration degree (MBA). With many years of experience in her field, she has worked in underwriting, customer service, marketing, organizational leadership, and business development. The education she received at American InterContinental University, where she graduated Summa Cum Ladue for her MBA in International/Global Studies, helped her form a great foundation for all success she has today.

Many professionals, like Randi Glazer, have found that earning their MBA degree helps them achieve their career goals, like getting a promotion, raise, or new opportunity. But it can be difficult for some working professionals to manage a full working schedule and go back to school to further their education. Thankfully, many MBA programs take this into consideration and offer unique programs to fit into busy schedules. There are program schedules to fit almost every schedule, some that offer classes on weekends or at night, and online classes.

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Below are some of the MBA programs that may be available, depending on the school and area.

Full-Time MBA Program

This program’s classes fall within the normal school year, beginning in August or September and ending in May with breaks for winter holidays and summer. Classes are typically on weekends and the program usually requires 60 credits or approximately 600 class hours of work.

Accelerated MBA Program

This program has the same amount of work required as a typical full-time MBA program, but in a shorter timeline, typically around a year. This means students have less time off between semesters, so no long summer or winter breaks. This can be a great option for those trying to watch costs because they may not be as expensive as a normal program. They do however require more time and effort from the student because of the accelerated timeline.

Part-Time MBA Program

This is a great option for working professionals because classes are typically held at on week nights or weekends so they won’t interfere with a work schedule. Because most of the students in these classes are working professionals, they have a lighter course load, giving students the ability to balance work and school. This does mean the duration of classes is longer though, typically around three years. There are also programs that offer a full-time workload at night and on weekends for professionals that want to finish their degree quicker.

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Many of the programs offer classes online or a combination of online and in class so students can better balance work and school. Randi Glazer is proud to have earned her MBA and currently works as an insurance and reinsurance consultant for RM Global Risk Management, LLC.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Randi Glazer: American InterContinental University

Randi Glazer has seen the benefits of working hard to earn not only her Bachelor’s degree but going back to school to get her Master of Business Administration degree. She has worked in insurance for many years successfully helping companies by creating profitable books of business, no matter the industry or product line. Randi Glazer currently works for RM Global Risk Management, LLC as an insurance and reinsurance consultant. She earned her MBA at American InterContinental University or AIU for short. It is an international for-profit university owned by Career Education Corporation.

 AIU was founded by Jack and Helen Barnette from Atlanta in Lucerne, Switzerland in 1970. Its original name was the American Fashion College of Switzerland. Associate and Bachelor’s degrees were first offered to students in 1974, three years after the school was recognized as an American degree awarding institution. The name and location of the school were again changed in 1978, when the school became known as the American College for the Applied Arts and its main campus moved to London. There was an additional campus open two years prior, in 1976, in Atlanta, Georgia.

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AIU received its current name in 1996 when Steve Bostic bought the school. The school was purchased in 2001 by the publicly traded operator of for-profit schools, Career Education Corporation and now has branch campuses in several counties and states. The study body has expanded like the number of campuses to the point that AUI has over 15,000 students. They offer a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees, where more than 80% of students attend class online.

After earning her MBA from AUI, Glazer worked in the insurance agency, where she still works today.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Randi Glazer: Tips For Effective Team Communication

Randi Glazer needs to work in teams frequently in her work in the insurance business. She helps businesses develop effective programs and policies to streamline internal processes and increase productivity. This often requires working with members of the client organization as well as colleagues from her company.

With such diverse groups, it can be difficult for some to see eye to eye and effectively communicate. Randi Glazer follows some tips to make sure every member’s voice is heard and every person has a fair vote.

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No bragging allowed

In order for all members to feel comfortable sharing ideas or suggestions, no member should brag if their idea was used over someone else’s. This prevents members from getting a big head if their idea is chosen and from other members from bring offended. In the same regard, members are not allowed to put down others ideas and should instead offer constructive criticism with actionable suggestions on how the idea can be tweaked to work.

Practice active listening

When a member of the group is presenting a new idea or commenting on one, the entire group must actively listen, adding questions or comments after the person has finished speaking. This helps prevent members from repeating ideas or comments and keeps everyone respectful to others.

Don’t blame others

Make sure members do not blame each other for missed deadlines or late projects. It is important for team members not to become the fall person, especially in from of a superior. If there is a continual issue with one group member, take it to the group leader and decide on appropriate action together.

Randi Glazer enjoys leading teams and working towards achieving common goals.


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Monday, February 1, 2016

Randi Glazer: Why It’s Important To Have Insurance

Randi Glazer has worked as an insurance professional for many years, dedicating her time and efforts to making sure her clients are satisfied. She earned both her bachelor’s and MBA degrees to have a solid foundation to build her experience on. Randi Glazer has earned a reputation of being a driven, trustworthy professional that is always honest with her clients and colleagues.

She tries to educate people on the importance of having insurance and how it can impact someone’s personal or professional life. Although there are many reasons people choose to get insurance some of the main ones are talked are transferring risk and protecting your assets, whether they are people or property.

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Transferring risk is one of the most common reasons people cite when asked why they chose to get insurance for their property or belongings. The purpose of insurance is to be able to transfer financial responsibility from the owner of the property to the insurance company. In the case of an accident where something was damaged or someone was harmed, the insurance company would then be responsible for taking care of the issue. In exchange, the owner needs to pay a premium, paying for the possibility of there being an accident or issue in the future.

Protecting property or people is another main reason people have insurance. This ensures that any damage or harm done to one’s property or loved ones won’t leave them financially responsible. This type of insurance can come in many forms with different options for each type of insurance, covering things from automobiles to death.

Randi Glazer loves helping clients better understand how insurance can help them stay financially in control.

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