Thursday, July 23, 2015

Learn About Culture of Wine Tasting with Randi Glazer

The diversity of wine in the world expands into tens of thousands of varieties, each holding its own piece of individuality and culture. The wine industry is very popular for being diverse, and giving every wine drinker the ability to choose the drink that is fit for them. While other types of alcohol are limited to no more than 15 brands, the wine industry holds hundreds of different wine companies that create several different styles of wine. Because of this depth in the industry, wine tasting is one of the world’s most popular philanthropies, and has created a unique community of wine connoisseurs.

This strong network of wine lovers run deep throughout almost every country in the world!  Every country brings about its own flavor, its own fermenting process, and its own companies that brand wine in a different way. It is very unlikely that you will find a similar-tasting wine from country to country.  This incredible fact adds to the richness of the culture that is found in wine philanthropy.

Whether it be the dry spread of red wine across the tongue, or the fruity smoothness of white wine, every person that enjoys this hobby will find the perfect match for them. Randi Glazer has been a wine taster for many years, travelling across different countries, and has yet to find the same two glasses of wine. Thousands of these members are discovering new possibilities each and every day, opening the eyes of the world to an industry that was born in the complexity of food art.

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Randi Glazer Tells Why It Is Important to Travel Once in a While

How long have you been repeating the daily routine of your life, gaining the same amount of compensation for the consistent work of a never-changing job?  For most people, the answer is far greater than a year.  Taking time to get out of the routine of life enables people to keep from stagnation, and give them room to grow and mold as people are meant to do throughout their entire lives.

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Don’t let your soul become weakened by the monotony of life, and instead travel the world to open your eyes to the changes and the motions of experiencing something new!

One of the biggest reasons you need to travel lies in the adventure that it brings, and the opportunities it allows you to find. In the same community, with the same network, and the same career, not much wiggle room is given to those who wish to improve their lifestyle and create new paths.


Travelling changes these variables up, and makes more available to you, elements that you would never have the opportunity to work with if you were stuck in your office in your hometown!

Travelling also allows you to experience the beauty of life that is being missed out on when you focus on a stagnant lifestyle.  Randi Glazer has a lot of responsibility in her insurance consulting business, but she continues to travel the world and seek new discoveries, because she understands that letting life become stagnant is detrimental to her future.  Don’t waste time staying in the same place.

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Always pursue different environments and see everything is the world has available to you!

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

How Randi Glazer Built Expertise in Different Industries

Maintaining a business obliges a group of individuals that have expertise sets perfect to the’s business. It is uncommon that a part can hybrid into diverse commercial enterprises and have the same level of skill.

In any case, with the years of experience from Randi Glazer, a senior protection advisor, this sort of aptitude is completely conceivable, and has ended up being helpful in numerous organizations crosswise over distinctive commercial ventures inside of the US.

Having exceptional execution in a wide range of business fields, Randi Glazer has set up her expert encounters together to create a portion of the finest business counsel benefits in her general vicinity.

Having distinctive parts of organizations added to her repertoire, for example, showcasing, endorsing, client administration, business improvement, and hierarchical initiative, she has possessed the capacity to make a demonstrated reputation of productive books of organizations. This kind of execution has made her business protection counseling organization one of high notoriety.

She has been on the Board of Directors for two unique associations, the Inland Marine Underwriting Association (IMUA) and the Conference of Special Risk Underwriters (CSRU). Her reliability in the commercial ventures gave Randi Glazer the capacity to tackle official and organization parts inside of the organizations she worked for, until her choice to begin her own particular business.

Her administration aptitudes have given her the chance to rule multi-faceted ventures inside of a business, and actualize approaches and programs inside of the operations to make compelling and beneficial results.

Randi Glazer has more than 10 years of involvement in official administration, and comprehends what it takes to convey a gathering of workers to an ideal execution level, both outside and inward. Randi credits a lot of what she has done to the professions in her past.

They have presented to her the devotion and the dedication to keep seeking after the most elevated nature of administration to her clients, and with that guidance she keeps on settling on beneficial choices with organizations today.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Randi Glazer unveils her new website

RM Global Risk Management, LLC provides guidance, advice and consulting services to the insurance and reinsurance market on start-up operations for domestic and international insurance businesses including monoline terrorism, inland marine, property package, specialty property & other program type insurance and reinsurance business.

Randi Glazer, the owner of RM Global Risk Management, LLC., started her underwriting career after graduating from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Geneseo with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics.  Randi has held various leadership positions within the Insurance and Reinsurance industry over the last two decades.

With each career move she gained more experience broadening her knowledge of the insurance and reinsurance industry.  Randi Glazer earned her MBA from American Intercontinental University graduating Summa Cum Laude while working full time for a Lloyd’s Syndicate.

Randi Glazer is a dedicated and motivated professional with a diverse background in Underwriting, Marketing, Customer Service, Business Development, and Organizational Leadership.  Amongst other things she has years of successful experience consulting on multifaceted projects, developing effective policies and programs, and streamlining internal processes to enhance overall productivity.

She has built and maintained positive and profitable relationships with a wide range of clients and key business partners, and has consistently been recognized for outstanding contributions to the bottom line.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Randi Glazer: Bringing in Business Expertise

This professional asset strives to do great work on every business she takes under her wing.  A professional senior insurance and business consultant, Randi Glazer designs the organization and implementation of multi-faceted projects with the businesses she works with.   She has a proven track record of making profitable business decisions.


when Randi Glazer is not consulting businesses to profit, she is exploring the world’s finest foods, and looking for answers to the questions that each culture gives her. Her interest also in the divinity of wines and the great change in culture that comes in the foods of the world have brought Randi Glazer to becoming an avid traveler.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Exploring Different Industries: Randy Glazer

Every industry has varying niches, competition, market flows and profitability, and depending on the time of the market, different industries will become more profitable than others.

Many people devote their lives to one industry and master the market to become great, but others also take the opportunity to delve into different industries, in the hopes that they will all benefit one another.  This art of mastering different industries will open your mind to different opportunities in your business.

This method of approach for your business can help create more value and expand your reach into different markets.  An example lies in the use of suppliers and manufacturers. Having ties within an industry that you use as a supplier will help you get cheaper prices and better deals when operating your business with that industry’s products.

Your knowledge of that industry’s market will make your business more predictable, and will help in deciding on changing suppliers and improving product components.

Crossing over into different industries will also give you a larger market when your target market is business owners.  Randi Glazer is the owner of an insurance consulting business, and utilizes her skill of mastering multiple markets to engage more clients with her work, offering more services for different industries that create profitable solutions.


Having her hands in different markets is the reason why Randi Glazer was given the ability to thrive, and for those who are seeking out more business owners, looking at different industries is your answer.

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