Friday, July 10, 2015

Business Productivity Means Everything: Randi Glazer

The competition is never sleeping, and as a business owner, your chance of success is proportional to the amount of work that you perform.  Beating the competition means outmatching the competition, and producing more results of a better quality than your competition using your operations.

This requires having a highly optimized system to ensure maximum productivity within the business, because the productivity of a business means more profit potential and more movement.


Your ability to keep the business productive is one of the highest priorities you have as an executive.  Regardless of how powerful the product line is, or how strong your market presence is in the industry, if you have operations that are lack luster and a shabby system to produce and create profit, then your business will begin to decline, and continue to decline until something is done about it.

Improving your operations to continually be the most optimized in the industry is the single best way to keep yourself above the competition.

Streamlining business processes are a must for easy management and market-space for expansion.  Randi Glazer, a senior insurance consultant, cooperates with businesses and works to increase their amount of productivity.

Her job is to look at internal processes, and create operations that are successful at maximizing productivity.  Take her advice, and focus on lifting your business’s productivity upwards, and watch as your business begins to grow.

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