Friday, July 3, 2015

Randi Glazer: The Personality of a Business Expert

It is an interesting question to answer: how do you break down the personality of an effective business expert?  There are so many variables and elements that go into the personality and characteristics of a successful business person, but what are some of the main pieces to the puzzle, and how can they be fit into your daily life to make you a better professional and a more sought after leader in your industry?  To answer these questions, senior insurance consultant Randi Glazer breaks down the necessities that every person needs to ensure powerful and influential relationships with their network.

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Drive and dependability makes up a very strong background for people to use to judge your integrity.  Randi Glazer believes that it takes drive, the ability to pursue things with maximum effort and focus, to truly achieve a reputation as someone who is dependable.

Without the ability to push yourself to accomplish the many tasks that come with being an industry leader, it will be impossible to keep up with the needs and expectations of everyone in your industry.


Dependability is built off of consistent performance and a publicly-shown effort that comforts everyone around you with the knowledge that you will be giving everything that you have to make their wishes happen.

Dependability builds trustworthiness and reliability within the business or industry that you are looking to become an expert in.  Once people can be comfortable depending on you to do certain tasks, they will evolve their trust with you and rely on you to perform the way you have been performing.

Instead of you searching them out, Randi says that this transition makes them search you out, due to your diligent work and dependable performance.  Glazer also adds that trustworthiness is built throughout this process, because the leaders that you are working with are starting to become dependent on your expertise.


From there, Randi suggests building experience and credibility within the industry.  As the owner of an insurance consulting business that works to create profitable solutions for insurance related businesses, Glazer knows firsthand the necessity for credibility.

Once an industry leader begins to rely on you and trust your work, that will begin to build external trust with other industry players who have not yet used your service, making the process of gaining their loyalty much easier.

From there, credibility allows you to build experience within your industry, and truly work your way up to becoming an industry expert.

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