Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Randi Glazer: Interests and Hobbies

It is recommended that everyone find a set of hobbies and passions that can purpose their lives and make their actions and discoveries meaningful.  This advice was made to give people meaning to the lives that they live, and allow them to individualize themselves as unique members of society.


These hobbies and passions have evolved and have now become distinct cultures within the several societies all over the world.  Though different in some aspects, those who share similar interests and beliefs have a special connection that they do not have with other people in the world.

Randi Glazer shares this understanding in the power of her interests, and how they unlock her life into new and powerful journeys.

Spanning her interests over many different hobbies has made Randi a well-rounded woman, and one that has multiple networks of people who share her love for hobbies.  Reading has made her a well-versed academic, and has helped her meet new people and make instant connections in her professional career, where she serves as the owner of an insurance consulting business.

Randi’s love for reading has evolved into a love for learning, which she uses to learn more about the many backgrounds she has within her career.


Wine tasting is one of the most popular interests in the world, with a hidden culture in each wine glass.  Glazer pursues these different cultural bounds by travelling around the world to taste the wines that every country has to offer.

With this comes her love for travelling, which she does often in her free time off of work as a business consultant.  This not only allows Randi to live out her passion as a wine taster, but also allows her to build a worldwide network with businesses, which she uses to fulfil her passion of making profitable solutions for her clients.


Randi Glazer accumulates all of these interests not only to build her professional reputation, but also to find a purpose in life that cannot be fulfilled with any amount of success or event.  Glazer believes that a process is required to make a life feel meaningful, and the best way to create that process is with a life passion and philanthropic interest.

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