Thursday, July 23, 2015

Learn About Culture of Wine Tasting with Randi Glazer

The diversity of wine in the world expands into tens of thousands of varieties, each holding its own piece of individuality and culture. The wine industry is very popular for being diverse, and giving every wine drinker the ability to choose the drink that is fit for them. While other types of alcohol are limited to no more than 15 brands, the wine industry holds hundreds of different wine companies that create several different styles of wine. Because of this depth in the industry, wine tasting is one of the world’s most popular philanthropies, and has created a unique community of wine connoisseurs.

This strong network of wine lovers run deep throughout almost every country in the world!  Every country brings about its own flavor, its own fermenting process, and its own companies that brand wine in a different way. It is very unlikely that you will find a similar-tasting wine from country to country.  This incredible fact adds to the richness of the culture that is found in wine philanthropy.

Whether it be the dry spread of red wine across the tongue, or the fruity smoothness of white wine, every person that enjoys this hobby will find the perfect match for them. Randi Glazer has been a wine taster for many years, travelling across different countries, and has yet to find the same two glasses of wine. Thousands of these members are discovering new possibilities each and every day, opening the eyes of the world to an industry that was born in the complexity of food art.

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