Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Randi Glazer Explains What does it take to be a Good Insurance Professional?

There is a certain set of specific skills that every good insurance professional has. It’s not a given that everybody will succeed in the insurance industry, even with a specific set of skills. It takes hard work, dedication, knowledge, and passion for what you do to succeed. Here are a few of the skills that almost all insurance professionals have in common.

Randi Glazer

It is important that you develop a specific set of people skills. You need to be able to put the needs of your clients before anything else. It’s not good enough to simply do your job to earn a commission and chances are you won’t last long in the insurance industry if you do so. You need to listen to your clients, care for and about their needs, work hard, and earn their trust. There will be times where you have to put your clients’ needs first even if it means you will earn a smaller commission. You will be more successful in the long run, though.

A strong personality that exhibits, honesty, persistence, and a high level of energy is required of all insurance professionals. You should never use deception as a strategy to close business. If you choose to do so, you won’t last long in this industry. In some cases using deception is illegal, so not only will you lose your job, but also you could serve jail time. Showing persistence is a vital quality for all insurance professionals. You have to be able to handle rejection on a daily basis and do it with a smile. High energy level means that you bring a smile to work and show eagerness and excitement when working with clients. It’s easy to rub your clients the wrong way with a poor attitude.


Lastly, you need to develop a general knowledge of how the insurance industry works. One of the most important things to understand about the insurance industry is that you have to be able to offer a wide variety of products that can reasonably meet the needs of your clients. The more products you have, the more you can sell to your client, and the more helpful you will be. Besides having the ability to sell your products, you need to understand the tax and legal aspects of selling your products. This is important because your products have to fit into your clients’ financial needs. Many insurance professionals also practice some form of financial planning.

Randi Glazer is a senior insurance professional with years of experience and track record of success to prove her credentials.

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Three Dishes Every Beginner Cook Should Learn: Randi Glazer

There are a few dishes that every beginner cook should master. These dishes are easy to make, provide the groundwork and background to furthering your cooking experience, and most importantly these dishes are tasty.


Here are three of those dishes that every beginner cook should learn.

  • Learning to make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with a Fried Egg will teach you about temperature control, how to cook with butter, and how to properly caramelize. Keep it simple and use one type of cheese on plain white bread. You don’t need to over complicate this dish. The important thing is that you learn about some basic temperature control techniques.
  • Pizza is an important dish to learn how to make because it gives hands-on experience. You have to jump in and do the dirty work when making pizza. Starting with the dough, to the ingredients that you choose, all the way to how long you cook it. You learn about ingredient combinations, plus you’ll likely make a mess, which is always fun when your cooking.

Randi Glazer

  • Risotto is a good dish to make because it easy to make but also easy to mess up if you aren’t paying attention. Follow a recipe and make sure that you are paying close attention to what you are doing. Cooking risotto teaches you about concentration and patience in the kitchen.

Randi Glazer is a driven senior insurance professional who has a proven track record of success. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, wine tasting, and cooking fine meals.

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Randi Glazer – How to Underwrite Commercial Risks and Moral Hazard

Underwriting for commercial risks and moral hazard requires the underwriter to use subjective judgment, often without proof. You need to consider the financial situation, the experience in that business, the record of successes and failures, and prior history of losses due to fire. It is also important to analyze the business history of the location. It is the underwriter’s responsibility to ensure that the underwriting is done so that it is sufficient to say that the business can be profitable.

The circumstances of ownership will vary but will fall under six categories. The first is an existing business under the same continuous ownership or management for a credible period of time at the same location. This type of risks is the easiest way to evaluate the characteristics of ownership.

The next situation involves experienced ownership and management commencing operations at a new location. You need to assess the new location and the reasons for the move. The third situation is an inexperienced ownership and management commences business at a location new to that business. There is little background with the risk so analyzing the risk will be difficult.

The fourth situation is an experienced ownership and management commences operations at an existing business location previously owned and managed by other interests. You need to obtain details on the previous ownership and management. The fifth situation is an inexperienced ownership commences operations at an existing business location previously owned by other interests. You need to look at the financial details of the past ownership.
The last situation involves an owner non-occupant of a building occupied by other interests. You have to evaluate both the owner and the tenant.

Randi Glazer an experienced and knowledgeable underwriter.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Three Unique Wine Tasting Travel Destinations: Randi Glazer

Using the wine tasting opportunities to decide where to travel to can be an excellent benchmark to use. Wine tasting while traveling is a thoroughly enjoyable experience that allows you to take in the local culture, food, people, and, of course, delicious wine.

Here are three unique wine tasting travel destinations that you should consider next time you are planning a vacation.

  • Barossa Valley, Australia is becoming an increasingly visible wine tasting destination for wine tourism. You can find Barossa wine in all corners of the world. Barossa is unique because it is one of the few regions whose settlers were not convicts like New South Wales and Victoria. The first settlers in Barossa Valley were Silesian Lutherans, who were looking for religious freedom.


  • Walla Walla, Washington, USA is the epicenter of wine tourism in the state of Washington. It’s a four-hour drive from Seattle, but a four-hour drive that takes you through the beautiful scenic forests and landscape of the state. There are over 120 wineries in Walla Walla as well as dozens of vineyards.
  • Umbria, Italy is known as the “Green Heart of Italy”. Umbria is landlocked and borders Tuscany, Lazio, and Marche. The town is home to several medieval towns that have been well taken care of and seem to dodge time itself. The area is filled with rolling hills that are home to vineyards and olive groves. Umbria is an all-encompassing experience where you will not have taste delicious wine and food but also experience a piece of the world that is stuck in a picturesque moment of history.

Randi Grazer is a senior insurance professional with a proven track record of success. She loves to travel and taste and combines the two when she can.

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Randi Glazer – Incredible Cooking Skills

Randi Glazer is a dependable, reliable, and experienced senior insurance professional. She enjoys helping clients and ensuring that they receive the best service possible. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and sees cooking as a hobby rather than a task. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and an MBA.

Randi Glazer

She found that the insurance industry was a great place to use her combination of skills. She enjoys the fact that cooking is a creative process that is both rewarding and fulfilling. She is always looking for new and different recipes.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

How to Insure Contractors Equipment with Randi Glazer

The insurance industry for contracting equipment is a cyclical business for underwriters that depend on the economic condition and strength of the construction industry. It’s best to work with companies who are who are established in the industry and are financially sound.

Coverage forms provide coverage a broad range of contracting equipment including newly purchased items, borrowed items, debris removal, and replacement items. There are important elements that have to be written into coverage including coverage territory, exclusions, and coinsurance.

Randi Glazer

There are three common risks and hazards that underwriters have to consider when underwriting for the insurance of contracting equipment. Fire is the number risk and hazard for contracting equipment. Fires are started due to poor maintenance and upkeep of equipment. Theft and vandalism are also a serious problem when underwriting for contracting equipment. Over $300 million is lost annually due to the theft and vandalism of equipment. Transit is the third most prevalent risk associated with underwriting for contracting equipment. Equipment can easily be damaged or lost while in transit to the construction site.

Miscellaneous equipment is not included in underwriting because these items are not covered by insurance policies. These items include scaffolding, false work, forms, and spare parts. It is the contractor’s responsibility to establish an inventory system to account for these items. Randi Glazer a dependable senior insurance professional.


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