Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Randi Glazer Unravels the Best Wine Tasting Destinations

Drinking and tasting great wine is an enjoyable experience. Now imagine that experience taking place, not on your couch, dining room table, or at the restaurant around the corner, but rather at the place where the wine was made.


Here are three of the most impressive and unexpected wine tasting and wine making travel destinations.

  • The Aegean Islands in Greece is essentially one large farm where the ingredients for wine are grown. Santorini, Samos, and Crete are the three islands that make up the Aegean Islands. Santorini is where the ingredients are grown, Samos is where the vineyards are, and Crete is home to a variety of red and white grapes. The food and wine are delicious, and the views are stunning.
  • Valle de Guadalupe/Baja California, Mexico has seen their quality of wine rise of the past two decades. A team of chefs, hoteliers and wineries has come together to create the Ruta del Vino or the wine route. The area may be more famous for its tequila roots, but the wine and travel experience here is unique thanks to the efforts made by the wineries.

  • Texas Hill Country in Texas, USA boasts the second largest AVA in the country. Texas is the No. 5 wine-producing state in the United States, so this destination may not come as a complete surprise. There has been an increase in wineries in this area of Texas, especially along scenic High 290, just west of Austin. The area still has a western charm to it, making a visit to Texas Hill Country unique.

Randi Glazer enjoys traveling and wine tasting. She combines the two when she can.

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