Monday, June 22, 2015

An Economics Degree Can Fit in Any Industry: Randi Glazer

Most people who obtain their Economics degree move into government agency positions, where they will spend their days analyzing things like inflation, unemployment rates, interest rates, and tax rates.

And most people who become economics majors do go on to these types of roles however, most prefer to do something different. The truth is, the mathematical and analytical skills that economics majors develop in school are extremely valuable in just about every workplace, making economics one of the most versatile majors out there.

Most economics majors find employment in the business and finance industries since economic laws and principles apply directly to these types of jobs. Those with economics degrees are able to forecast financial trends and consumer spending habits, which help an organization make smart financial, marketing, and product-related decisions.

Other areas that some graduates spend their careers studying such statistics as crime rates, mortality, marriage, divorce, and other types of demographic and behavioral data. This information can be used for many different purposes, including marketing efforts and urban planning.

Economics majors have a greater number of career options than graduates from most other programs. There are positions in virtually every industry that an economics major is more than qualified for.

Randi Glazer, a highly successful insurance consultant with her own consulting firm and knows how valuable a graduate with an Economics degree can be.  She graduated from State University of New York (SUNY) at Geneseo with a Bachelor’s in Economics.


From there she obtained her MBA from American Inter Continental University and turned her hard work in her education into a lucrative career in insurance and underwriting.

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