Friday, June 12, 2015

How Successful People Deal with Stress Differently, Part 1:

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People can have amazing days and then sometimes bad days too. For entrepreneurs, it’s often both at the same time. The day you win an award, you’re also struggling to meet payroll. The day you lose a big client, you may gain another big one.

A critical trait that separates successful entrepreneurs is the ability to receive setbacks while maintaining complete drive and motivation. However the ability to do this is a skill, which must be practiced.  Let’s see what some successful entrepreneurs have to say:

  1. Doug Conant, former CEO of Campbell Soup Company and founder/CEO of Conant Leadership says, “Give yourself compelling reasons not to quit.”

When in the storm of making a decision, Conant refers to his personal mission statement, which he has strategically placed near his desk so he can look at it when he needs. It is clear, thoughtful, and has the intention that guides his actions.

While Conant does not share his personal statement, he strongly encourages others to develop their own. Take the time to think about what is most important to you so that in moments of cloudiness, you can remind yourself of what matters most  to you.

  1. Benji Rabham, founder of AppointmentCore says, “Trigger a mindset reset with a little help from Youtube.”

Rabham likes to fit a few short Youtube clips into his day. The clips are usually brief and the only requirement is that they cause him to literally laugh out loud! He claims this is just enough time to take his mind off any bad news and reinstate his positive mindset. Rabham refers to them as his “dopamine breaks.” A Stanford research team found that funny cartoons activated a cluster of areas in the brain deeply involved in the regulation of dopamine, which actually positive impacts motivation and mood!

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