Monday, January 18, 2016

Randi Glazer: Inspired Teams = Greater Productivity

Randi Glazer has a lot of experience being a part of and leading teams to be as effective as possible. She has held many positions in the insurance field like underwriting, customer service, business development, and marketing. Randi Glazer enjoys working with and managing groups of people to effective reach a common goal.

One of the ways teams can be more productive is for them to be inspired about the project they are working on. When employees are more inspired and buy into the vision of the project or company, the more likely they will be to go above and beyond to make the project and business take off.

Although it may seem impossible to inspire a large group of people with different likes and dislikes, and from different background, following some simple tips may just make all the difference.

  • Why Does It Matter? Employees want to hear more than about the bottom line. They want to know and see that their hard work is making a difference and it can be hard to illustrate this with just hard numbers and facts. If a leader is able to connect with team members on a deeper level and show them that their time and effort are doing more than lining the CEO’s pocket, they will be much more likely to care and get involved.
  • Know You People. Even the best coach in the NBA can’t win a single game if the players are in the wrong positions that don’t add to their strengths. The same is true for any team and this is see all too often in business. Teams are ineffective, missing deadlines and not seeing projects to their full potential. All of this because the team wasn’t set up for success. Knowing each team member’s strengths, attitude, behaviors, and weaknesses will help place them with others that can play off those strengths.

Randi Glazer likes the aspects of team building.


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